Trimmed Trees Are Happy Trees

Tree removal and trimming in Tyler, TX

Big, beautiful trees can add gorgeous character to your property. But not when they’re sick or dying. If you have trees in your yard that look like they’re about to fall over, you need a team of professionals to remove them for you.

Allied Tree Service offers expert tree removal services in Tyler, Texas. Not sure whether or not your tree needs to be removed or just pruned? Call 903-571-0118 to send an Allied Tree Service specialist to come check out the tree in question.

3 reasons to trim your trees regularly

3 reasons to trim your trees regularly

Pruning your trees can prevent you from having to remove a beautiful tree in your yard. Here are three ways pruning helps keep your yard looking great year-round:

  1. Trimming a tree improves its structure and makes it look prettier.
  2. Pruning a tree helps you manage its flower or fruit production.
  3. Trimming your trees helps you avoid the danger of fallen branches.

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