Prep Your Yard for New Construction

Lot clearing and stump grinding in Tyler, TX

Look out at your yard. It has so much potential. If you clear some of the land, imagine what you could build! Install that pool your kids keep asking for, build a shed to house all your tools or get a patio to spend all summer relaxing on. Allied Tree Service will help you upgrade your property in Tyler, TX by clearing the land for new construction.

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3 reasons to grind stumps on your property

3 reasons to grind stumps on your property

When we clear land for our clients, we get rid of brush, trees and stumps in areas of unused land. Oftentimes, homeowners also have stumps in the backyard and front yard that need clearing. Here are three reasons to quit putting off grinding those pesky stumps:

  1. Stumps are ugly. You want your yard to look pretty and inviting, and an unsightly stump doesn't help you do that.
  2. Stumps can be hazardous. Your guests or small children could easily trip over a stump in your yard. Avoid a trip to the emergency room by grinding the stump in your yard.
  3. Stumps attract insects. Creepy crawlers like ants, termites and beetles love hanging around old stumps. Get rid of the stump, and your bug problem will go away, too!

Depending on the side of the stump, we can grind it with heavy machinery or by hand. Don't wait any longer to make your yard as safe and beautiful as you know it should be. Dial 903-571-0118 for a free estimate on a stump grinding service at your property in the Tyler, TX area.